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Nov 29, 2004 at 10:39 AM Problem adding a SAPProxy



I want to use the methods GetList and Request of the BOR ControlRecipe on my project.

I have added a new connection to my project and want to drag the functions from the Server Explorer to the SAPWSDL file. Until I add only one function (e.g. GetList) there is no problem, when I add the second function (e.g. Request) it ask me to overwrite some tables and structures because they are using the same name. I think that's OK because they are same. After that I add the Destination to my WebForm and compile the project. Now I want to add the SAPProxy to my WebForm and following Error Message appears (Could only display it on German language):

Eine Ausnahme ist aufgetreten, während eine Instanz von Steuerrezeptverwaltung.SAPProxy1 erstellt wurde. Die Ausnahme war "Fehler beim Reflektieren der Methode SAPProxy1.Bapi_Control_Recipe_Get_List.".

As long as I use only one function of the BOR everything works fine.

Has any one encountered a similar problem, or has a solution to the same.

Thanks in advance