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May 27, 2011 at 10:16 AM



There is a program ZI000206 which substitutes Plant in Projects from CC Master data. We are trying to substitute Plants in almost 5000 projects.

The problem is whenever we run the program it ends up with Error:

Fill in All Required Fields

though Substitution and Validations are carried out.

While debugging the program we found it is calling standard BAPI : BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN.

The reason is that an OSS Note 1311030 which adds a call function CJWB_CHECK_BEFORE_COMMIT in from GENERAL_OBJECTS_MAINTAIN. This is causing a problem when it calls for the field PRPS-IZWEK(Investment Reason). Even though the field is hidden for projects it is calling as mandatory and throwing this error.

I checked in customizing of screen layouts for WBS wherein this field is maintained as an input field.

Will this change of field from input to hidden help in getting over this problem?

Additionally I also tried CNMASS functionality for PS which also throws the same error " Fill in All Required Fields".

input is highly appreciated.