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May 27, 2011 at 09:53 AM

duplicate elimination of master records (customer, vendor)


Hi all,

we have a problem in master record management that there are about 20'000 records in each customers and vendors. Some of them are certainly duplicates. They could be fairly identical in names and address or similar.

Now it has been requested that those duplicates need to be identified and for future use in regular time slots checks should be done to deal with those (clear open items, block duplicates etc.). Excel as a first help is no option...

I could imagine having a few objects only for checks, for example:


1. Country same

2. City same

3. check Name - maybe 5 letters then write both identified entries into table with additional fields from master record (name2, post code, telefon etc) and give out ALV protocol so user could go into further analysis

Any further ideas?