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May 25, 2011 at 04:03 PM

Credentials prompted on client machines, not my own. Integrated security


I built a report in Visual Studio 2010 using Crystal Reports for .net framework 4.0. Data is on a Sql Server 2005 backend.

All operator machines have the runtime CR13 for .net framework 4.0 installed on their machines.

When this report is run in the application through the report viewer, I can view and interact with it. The other programmer on this project can also do this. If we log off our machines and log onto our machine under another user's network credentials (still on our own machines), reports work just fine.

However, if we use another operators PC and pull up the report, they are prompted to provide credentials. This should not happen due to integrated security. On top of that, the Database field is empty so it couldn't connect even if it wanted to since all it has is the server name.

Ive been fighting with this for hours and I am out of ideas. It works on the dev machines but not on operator machines and they have crystal reports 13 for .net framework 4.0 runtime installed, the same one used to build these reports.

Anybody have any ideas, i'll try anything at this point...

So far I've tried:

u2022Logging in as others on my machine, everyone works on my machine

u2022Giving users full permissions on the database, no luck

u2022Manually creating a connection in the code to set to my crystal report viewer to try to force this to work, no luck there