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May 25, 2011 at 03:56 PM

Pi Alert Framework centrally Monitored from SAP Solution Manager



We have recently installed a PI landscape Ehp1 SPS 05, I am now in the process of configuring the message based alerting,

using alert rules, alert categories, etc ...

In Runtime Workbench, I have created the alert categories.

On the Pi ABAP stack, I created the contained variables and I receive an email every time a PI flow is in error.

Doing that, I have checked that the Message Based Alerting was working locally on the PI server, using the local PI alert framework.

But, actually, I have to configure the CentralMonitoring on Solution Manager , the Message based Alerting will be hosted on the CEN (Solution Manager) and not directly on the PI backend.

This will allow us to plug the PI Alerts to our autoticketting tool hosted on Solution Manager.

I have already registered the PI CCMS agent on Solution Manager , registered the PI system, I am able to see the PI system on Solution Mangaer (transactions RZ20,RZ21).

BUT, I haven'tyet been able to plug the PI alert Framework to sap soltion manager.

Transaction ALRTCATDEF on solution Manager is not yet able to track the remote PI alerts.

I understand that I have first to Adapt the Exchange Profile to point to the Central Monitoring Server ; which parameter needs to be adjusted ?

Afterwards, do I have to ajust manually the RFC destination CentralMonitoringServer-XIAlerts ?

Is there any other step that needs to be done ?

Thank you