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Former Member
May 25, 2011 at 05:36 AM

Uploading HR Master Data through LSMW or BDC


I want to upload the HR Master Data to the system through LSMW or BDC, I am aware that for some infotypes like 000,1 &2 BDC is more suited, whereas for other infotypes LSMW is more convenient. I would like to understand how to start the activity. Should I start with infotype 0000 first and then 0001 and so on or can I take any infotype randomly and upload? What I mean is, is there any dependency that an infotype data can be loaded only after certain other related infotype data is loaded first? e.g. can load infotype 0006 first and then infotype 0001?

Also please guide me on for which infotype LSMW is preferred and for which infotype BDC is preferred? Can BDC be used within LSMW?