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May 24, 2011 at 02:07 PM

SAP BW-System and UD-Connect to MS-SQL server



we are on SAP-BW Netweaver 7.01 SPS 06.

i tried to configure an UD-Connect to a MS-SQL server.

i followed the HowTo-Guide:

[HowTo-Guide UD-Connect|How to Configure UD Connect on the J2EE Server for External Databases (NW2004)]

the test of RFC-Connection is o.k.

the URL to test the JDBC-Setting is failing:

(like http://<server>:<port>/TJdbc/servlet/TestJdbc)

? do i have to restart the SAP-System after configuring with VisualAdmin ?

? or maybe the HowTo-Guide is not up-to-date ?

i also could create an UD-Connect Datasource in RSA1,

the option "check" of this UD-Connect is also o.k. "source system xxxx is o.k."

the option "activate" starts a job (in SM37) RS_CACHE_INVALIDATE_MULTI, which is running and ends o.k.

but trying to create an datasource with the UD-Connect konfiguration brings up an error:


any idea ?