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Nov 23, 2004 at 01:16 AM

Missing LoggedOnUsers iview



In an effort to find the list of users that are logged into the portal, I tried to go to System Adminstration -> Monitoring -> Portal but could not find the LoggedOnUsers iview described in SAP Help. There was no link that I could see to check the list of logged on users.

However, trying to access the URL directly http://<portal host>/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/ displays the right screen and successfully lists the number of users logged on to the portal.

I am on EP 6.0 SP7. I already have the service turned on and started.

I am wondering as to how I can get the LoggedOnUsers iview to show under System Administration -> Monitoring. I would appreciate any input on this.


Mirna Chaanine