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Nov 22, 2004 at 11:18 PM

Deploy PAR FIle error


Hi All

I am new to portal . I am wrote a simple Hello World type application in Eclipse with Portal plugin . I do not have a PDK installed in my PC . I have to deploy the par file to remote portal server EP6 .

1. I am not able to do Export from eclipse , Not sure what user id and port should I use.

2. I then went to

http://<myhost>:<myport>/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prttarget/adc/prteventname/selectArchive/prtroot/PortalAnywhere.default (based on some of the postings) and try to upload the PAR . It did not give any error . But I could not see it in Archive Deployment checker. When I re started the portal J2EE engine , I was able to see it.

Do I have to restart J2EE engine after every deploy ??

3. Now that I see my par file , it says , the par file is not installed . When I try to Install the par file , I get an error message

ERROR: Error in the listener class during the process of handleTopic.

Does any one knows what this means ??

Thanks and Regards