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May 23, 2011 at 10:59 AM

Multiple values in attribute BSA - 'Doc. Type in R3 system'


Dear Experts,

We use SRM7.0 with classic scenario.

We want to define different follow on document for each product group.

- We defined in "Define Objects in Backend System (Purch. Reqs, Reservations, Purch. Order)":

For category ID 1000 u2013 Always Purchase Requisition

For category ID 2000 u2013 PO if item data complete

- We also defined in org. management attributes (BSA) two kinds of 'Doc. Type in R3 system' u2013 one for PO and one for PR.

But we got error message.

If I define only 'Doc. Type in R3 system' for PO u2013 the system creates PO correctly.

If I define only 'Doc. Type in R3 system' for PR u2013 the system creates PR correctly.

If I define the two 'Doc. Type in R3 system' - we get error message.

Does it means that attribute 'Doc. Type in R3 system' cannot have multiple values ?

Thanks !