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Nov 22, 2004 at 04:41 PM

Problem with Data-binding


Hi there,

hopefully somebody can help me out because I'm having some strange problem with Databinding in one of my MVC-BSPs.

When executing I am running into an "SAP Internal Server Error" telling me that there is a parameter missing for a dynamic function call.

After some debugging and testing the code triggering this is within my view:

<htmlb:dropdownListBox id              = "x_y_ddb"
                       table     = "<%=w_table%>" 
                       selection = "//mymodel/my_table[1].w"
                       nameOfKeyColumn   = "name"
                       nameOfValueColumn = "value"
                       disabled          = "<%=flag%>" >

This code was running ok last week. After some modifications in the model- and the controllerclass it is not running anymore. The strange thing is that I did not change anything regarding the used table or the attributes...

When debugging I found out that the method causing the error is "selection_model->get_attribute( attribute_path = selection_path )."

The attribute selection_path is correctly filled with "my_table[1].w". So all needed parameters are filled as this is the only one passed.

The method is called from "RESOLVE_MODEL_BINDING" of class "CL_HTMLB_DROPDOWNLISTBOX".

After trying a few things I have no more ideas. The error only occurs when binding to the table. Upon binding to a structure or to a field ev erything works fine.

Thing is, Im am 99% sure this worked last week and I can't remember having changed anything directly connected to this. I am still able to see the data that was created during testing last week.

Any ideas for me?