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May 22, 2011 at 01:10 PM

Foreign exchange


Dear expert!

Please support me to find solution for this situation

My user run T-Code FAGL_FC_VAL - Foreign Currency Valuation (New) in ECC6.0, with following parameter

Company code: 1000

Valuation key date: 31.03.2011

Tab posting: Create postings: checked

Batch input session name: ABC

Document date: 31.03.2011

Posting date: 31.03.2011

Posting period: 3

Reversal posting date: 01.04.2011

Reversal posting period: 4

Reset valuation: Not check

Reverse postings: checked

Tab open item: Valuate Vendor open item & Customer open item: are checked

Tab G/L balances: G/L Account from 11000000 to 11999999

Then executed, it show 60 postings and 3 yellow message

But after that, she not excute SM35 to run input session and delete this input session name

The day after, she ran this T-Code to valuate foreign currency

She checked the "Reset valuation" indicator in "Postings" tab, she also check "Create postings" & "Revese postings" indicator

The thing came, the system created reversal postings for simulation postings in the earlier she ran FAGL_FC_VAL, it was unexpected. To rescue this, she reverse these postings with F.80

And when she ran T-Code FAGL_FC_VAL again to valuate, the system output the message Document 3300000038 002 2011 already valuated with valuation are DN on 31.03.2011.

Can someone tell me the solution to resolve this problem, thank you very much for any suggestion!

Best Regards;