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May 21, 2011 at 07:10 AM

Java Applet Connection Problem



we are using MII 12.0.2 (88) . When we ran the application, Java applets are very slow and even crashing in IE 8. we have tested in IE 6 also. There also same problem. We go thru the applications.log file. we saw the below message in log file:*** MISSING RESOURCE: Unable to localize ResourceException in method ConnectionFactoryImpl.getConnection(): Cannot get connection for 120 seconds. Possible reasons: 1) Connections are cached within SystemThread(can be any server service or any code invoked within SystemThread in the SAP J2EE Engine), 2) The pool size of adapter "SAPSR4DB" is not enough according to the current load of the system or 3) The specified time to wait for connection is not enough according to the pool size and current load of the system. In case 1) the solution is to check for cached connections using the Connector Service list-conns command, in case 2) to increase the size of the pool and in case 3) to increase the time to wait for connection property. In case of application thread, there is an automatic mechanism which detects unclosed connections and unfinished transactions.#

We increased the poolsize , wait time in data server connection. But it is not working...

How to solve this issue.