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May 20, 2011 at 10:25 AM

ABAP Program to Create TRs in SOLMAN


Currently, we are creating TRs through SOLMAN_WORKCENTER transaction. It is being done manually by going to 'Change management' Tab in 'SOLMAN_WORKCENTER'->'PROJECTS'(QGATE Project not CHARM)-> TR is being created for a specific project using 'Create Transport Request' button.

I was wondering, whether this process can be automated, so that developers can directly create a TR, through a web application or email. The frontend application will be creating TR in backend in SOLMAN after some validations.

I'm trying to write an ABAP program to create TRs in backend in SOLMAN, following the same process, which is being followed now using SOLMAN_WORKCENTER. This program will be called by the frontend application. This way developers can create a TR, without having direct access to SOLMAN.

I tried to use CL_CTS* classes, but it's not working. Kindly suggest some BAPIs or classes available for it.

If anybody has already worked in development of a similar solution, kindly share the technical knowhow. Also, please let me know any solutions from SAP available for it.

Thanks in advance for your help....