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May 19, 2011 at 01:18 PM

Sending Mail with HUF / JPY currency in Workflow


Hi Friends ,

I have the below requirement .

I have to send PO for approval throug Workflow . I am using " SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1" inside one method to send mail through Workflow .

My Requirement - For JPY / HUF currency PO , Price of PO has to be sent to the Approver which has to be displayed in the Format of Approver's User settings in the mail . Decimal Notation should be as per Approver's User settings.

My Issue - When the workflow triggers user WF-BATCH takes care of fetching the PO price as per its format .( Decimal notaion mentioned for WF-BATCH user ) . Now this has to be changed as per the Approvers formal ( decimal notation ) in the mail that is being sent to Approver after the method execution .

Brief clarification of the issue is mentioned below -

My WF-BATCH user has format of decimal notaion - (1.234.567,89) ,

Approver's has format of decimal notation - X (1,234,567.89)

The PO price in HUF currency is being picked by WF-BATCH user in the method as per its decimal notation .

This formal has to be changed to Approver's decimal notaion format in the method so that same format can be sent in the mail .

If any one has come across this type of requirement , guidance to solve this will be highly appreciated .