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Nov 18, 2004 at 01:09 PM

Searching for extended ABAP Classes documentation



I'm a newbie to this forum (perhaps I'm a newbie in an abap too - with my 1.5 yrs abaping) but I'm interested in a few topics related to classes available in the repository:

1. Where can I find full and detailed info (means description of interfaces both public and private/static) on classes included in a dev.class SLIS, SCET, especially specific ones - currently I'm looking for a documentation on class <cl_alv_changed_data_protocol>, because the info supplied in the repository is not so obviously clear for me.

2. Can someone point me to a SAP cource/academy -name(s) related to the public classes related to a gui programming and!!!! their support-classes (such as mentioned one above) - which is most important.

3. (specific question) In the OO framework(s) I worked with in my background there was a possibility to 'extend' some class' behaviour (usualy adding interface). Is there any possibility in a SAP environment to do this and if yes where can I find a docu/info on how to achieve this? Is this achieved only with a related access key?

4. Please could someone provide me a dev.class names with demo-programs (such as SLIS, SCET) related (mostly) to a GUI-programming?

Perhaps checking the source of the demo-reports supplied in these dev.classes would help me, but occasionaly it's a bit more complicated and time-consuming than to check a related docu, isn't it?

The info-sources I have (and used widely) are:

a) html-documentation with my (ok, our) installation > 4.6C (both integrated into an environment and CHM-help).

b) 'Controls Technology - Workbench edition' - which I would recommend to all the programmers interested in this area.

c) 'An Easy Reference for ALV Grid Control' by Serdar SIMSEKLER (BTW, thank you very, very much Serdar! for providing this reference to the public, I found it very usefull)

d) of cource, the Class Builder via Repository Browser (se80) which usually and unfortunately doesn't report me any class information when asked.

e) occasionaly google-ing the world with a specific question and checking this fourm or some related one(s) in the sap community and in newsgroup (unfortunately for me the last one is basicaly with postings in German, which makes it unusable to me).

Perhaps most of you would agree there is a lack of information on these topics. Or, of course, I'm still a newbie and don't know how/where to find it 😊

Please note, answers in sort of 'Feel free to ask with a specific question here...' are not the answer(s) I'm looking for 😊 I know this possiblilty and am using it :-).

Finaly, one question off topic and related mostly to the moderators:

Is there an intention or even better a possibility to achieve this forum via NNTP-protocol (means using a standard news-client)? It would be great for me if it's possible or is intended to become possible - I'm using a news-client to track few newsgroups (forums) and it would be great not to switch to a different browser to track this one, which is IMHO the best english-speaking abap-related forum.

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Ivaylo Mutafchiev

BC Consultant - Abap developer

VBS Ltd.

Varna. Bulgaria

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