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Nov 18, 2004 at 07:37 AM

BPS Layout : Total with + / - sign


Dear all,

I have a layout like the following:

_____month 1_______month2

A 10 10

B 5 5

C 5 5

A row is a total = R(2)+R(3).

If I set B & C using Sign attribute (0SIGN_REV) function.

The result become :

_____month 1_______month2

A 10 10

B -5 -5

C -5 -5

The total A didn't change to -10.

I run UPP_SET_CALC_FE_ON to run the result locally in excel.

In layout edit data mode, I got A = -10.

But, in layout display data mode , A become 10 again.

Is there anyway to set A = -10 any both edit and display mode? And, the UPP_SET_CALC_FE_ON only work for excel interface. How do you handle this kind of issue in web?

Best Regards,


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