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May 18, 2011 at 01:48 PM

Question regarding homepage framework...


Hi guys...

My brain just died on me and I failed trying to achieve the following:


1. Workset with lots of fancy Portal objects

2. Page_A

3. Page_B

4. Workset_A consisting of deltalinked (2), deltalinked to (1)

5. Portal Role A, consisting of deltalinked (1) <-- this has all but PAGE_B (3)

6. Portal Role B, consisting of deltalinked (1) whereas in the Role I have removed everything down to (4), I also removed the deltalinked Page_A (2) from it. Then I deltalinked Page_B to it (3).

What I try to accomplish with this:

I have an Area where there can be two sub areas. However some users may see only ONE of these subareas, some users may see BOTH of them. So I merged the Second Level Navigation of the two roles.

Up to this point all is good.

Now, we are using HPF, we don't use the Navigation Panel on the left hand side.

HPF(draft for this problem):

Area Group Page A --> Area Page A

Area Page A --> Subarea A

Area Page A --> Subarea B

Service A --> Subarea A

Service B --> Subarea B

Ressource X for area page --> Pointing PCD to generic JAVA xss aregrp

Ressource A --> Pointing to Page A of Portal Role A.

Ressource B --> Pointing to Page B of Portal Role B.

The user which is supposed to see both Portal objects can see them both and can use them both.

The user which is supposed NOT TO SEE PAGE B can still see it in the Area Page, respective Subarea. If he clicks on it, he get's 'page not found' which is of course rirght; I didn't map the R3-Role for him so he's not supposed to see it. But the fact that he can still see the links in HPF messes it all up.

Am I doing something wrong or can this not be accomplished?

This looks to me like Role-based HPF is all void below Second Level navigation.... Eventually I'll just make an own workset and a separate HPF, but I reject to believe I did everything right and it still doesn't work the way I want it :-////