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Nov 17, 2004 at 08:19 PM

RU - XI content for MDC's


We are participating in the MDM3.0 Rampup project and I have some

questions related to the requirements for the XI server (finding

the XI content that it needs to talk to the MDC clients we have)

and MDC clients.

1. p.16 of the Master Guide, section 2.2 Master Data Clients section:

here for R/3 4.6C clients it lists NO basis support pack prerequisites

(only has plug-in prereq's). If I go to p.23, section 2.5.1, under

the 6th step (copy the process integration content...), it talks

about XI content that, based on the MDC client type (R/3 4.6,

4.7, CRM, etc), must be imported into the MDM3.0 landscape's

XI3.0 server. We have a 4.6C MDC, and a 4.7 MDC that we

want to use in this MDM3.0 prototype.

For 4.6 the guide states that we need the XI Content for:


PI 2004_1_46C

For 4.7 the guide states that we need the XI Content for:


PI 2004_1_470

PI_BASIS 2004_1_620

I'm using the 'patches' alias on the SMP -->

SAP Support Packages and Patches

-->Search for Support Packages and Patches

-->Entry by Application Group

-->SAP Application Components

-->SAP R/3

-->SAP R/3 4.6C


-->SAP DB (even though we're using ORACLE, i was told this is right) there are only SP's 46, 47, 48

p.23 also states "The support package level of the master data

client XI content must be the same as the support package level of

the Master Data Client itself"

So does that mean that there REALLY IS a Basis sp prerequisite of at

least sp#46 for a 4.6C MDC? p.16 of the Master Guide would then

need to be updated...

2. What about the sp's 1-45? is it correct to assume that

46,47, and 48 are cumulative (i.e. you can apply just 46 and

not 1-45 which don't even exist here; or similarily apply

just 48 and not have to worry about 46-47)

3. I unzipped one of the XI_CONTENT SAP_APPL 46C files (#46), and

it is a .tpt extension file. How does this content get imported

into the XI3.0 server? Is it via transports? Or via SPAM, or

something else.

4. As far as finding the XI content for my 4.6C's PI 2004_1_46C

components...please specify the EXPLICIT location of this, as i

cannot find it.