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Nov 17, 2004 at 04:45 PM

image with onClientClick in tableview leads to JavaScript Error?


Have you ever tried to add an htmlb:image to a htmlb:tableView using an iterator?

I just did that and it workek fine until I added a onClientClick to the image. Then, when I open the page, I get a JavaScrip-Error "Syntax Error". After one of these errors per line, the page and the onClientClick works perfectly.

Is it a error in the framework or am I doing something wrong. this is my code (a bit complicated, hope you understand it)

METHOD if_htmlb_tableview_iterator~render_cell_start .

  DATA lorv_image TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_image.
  DATA lorv_link    TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_link.
  DATA lorv_bee_table TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_bee_table.
  DATA lv_msg_id  TYPE string.

  FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_row> TYPE itsm_webstruc.
  ASSIGN p_row_data_ref->* TO <fs_row>.

  CASE p_column_key.

      CONCATENATE <fs_row>-csinsta
              INTO lv_msg_id.

      CREATE OBJECT lorv_link.
      CONCATENATE p_tableview_id
              INTO lorv_link->id. 
      lorv_link->text = <fs_row>-mnumm_t.
      lorv_link->onclick = 'show_message'.

      CREATE OBJECT lorv_image.
      lorv_image->src           = 'ICON_OKAY'.
      lorv_image->onclientclick = 'alert( )'. "it works without this line! 

      CREATE OBJECT lorv_bee_table.
      lorv_bee_table->add( lorv_link ).
      lorv_bee_table->add( lorv_image ).
      p_replacement_bee = lorv_bee_table.