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May 18, 2011 at 10:30 AM

Grouping data


I have the following data

Table 1:

Company_id Company_name Location Website

Id 1 C1 L1 W1

id 2 C2 L2 W2

Table 2:

Company_id Contact_per_name Email_id

id1 Person1 E1

id1 Person2 E2

Now in my reprot i have created a command where i joined two tbales (Left join) and i got the below data,

id1 C1 L1 W1 Person1 E1

id1 C1 L1 W1 Person2 E2

id2 C2 L2 W2

Now i need to display the report with each company details in each page,

First page:

Company Name:C1

Location:L1 Website: W1

Contact person Email id

person1 E1

Person 2 E2

Second page:

Compnay name: C2

Location:L2 Website:W1

I have created a company name group and placed the location, website, contact person detials in the details section. If Contact person does not exist for a company, it is displaying correctly. But when the company is having more than one contact person details, location & website is getting displayed twice. How to group the report?

Thank you.