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Nov 17, 2004 at 01:16 PM

How to kill sessions between WAS->CRM in a EP->WAS->CRM chain


Hi all!

We're using EP6.0 on a WAS6.20 and are connecting it to CRM 4.0, BW, and a WAS6.40 on which we run some webdynpro applications. We access data in underlying systems bu using SSO. Now to the issue:

The DSM terminator service usually takes care of session killing nicely between the EP and directly underlying systems. We do, however, connect the WAS 6.40 to CRM and BW as well. The behaviour we are exeperiencing is the following: Log in with user a, access the webdynpro applications (in an EP iView) successfully with correct user data for user a. Log out from the portal. Log in with user b and access the webdynpro applications. Here we get the user data for a again, and I suspect this is due to the sessions between WAS 6.40 and CRM still being alive even though the session between the portal and WAS6.40 should be ended.

How do we solve this? Can we configure this in the 6.40 somehow?