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May 17, 2011 at 08:38 PM

Page not found error - Session Termination



We are using SSL termination at web dispatcher (version 720 - patch 85).

The link is like

User < https> WD < http> Consumer Portal <https> WD <http> Producer

Portal <https> WD <http> Backend ABAP system

MSS > team > performance management and when they click on the overall

performance rating we get the "Page not found or not available"

Please note this happens intermittently

Our Dev Consumer portal has two server nodes, when we shutdown one node (say node0) and tested it out with node1 it works fine, then we switched off the server node1 and started server node 0, it works fine.

When both the nodes are up, it fails intermittently. From the session cookie we can find that if the request does a node hopping it fails and it happens intermittently.

Also when we tested the same directly on the producer portal it works fine.

We checked the parameters for both the server nodes, its the same.

Has anyone faced this kind of issues?