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Former Member
Nov 16, 2004 at 09:54 AM

Deleting master data in a process chain via ABAP "RSDMD_DEL_BACKGROUND" ?


I need to delete master data attributes in a process chain.

Since there seems to be no predefined process type for this, I looked for an existing ABAP in the dictionary and found the ABAP report "RSDMD_DEL_BACKGROUND". I plan to call this ABAP in an ABAP-process-step in my process chain.

Unfortunately, I'm not shure how to set the input parameters:

report rsdmd_del_background .

type-pools: rsd, rrsi, rsenq.

parameters: p_iobjnm like rsdiobj-iobjnm obligatory,

p_chabnm type rsd_s_cha_bas-chabasnm obligatory,

p_delsid type rs_bool default 'X',

p_deltxt type rs_bool,

p_obj like balhdri-object,

p_sub like balhdri-subobject,

p_ext like balhdri-extnumber,

p_noprot type rs_bool.


Can anybody help me, with the settings needed or point out another way to achieve the deletion of master data attributes in a process chain?

Thanks in advance, Frank.