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Nov 15, 2004 at 07:50 PM

Forcing a portal logoff...suggestions?


I am almost successfully mimicking the same portal logoff that happens when a user clicks the logoff link in the masthead (but I am not prompting the user "Are you sure?").

Now, the masthead performs a response.redirect.

But if I do that from MY iview - which is in the content area, not the masthead, then the portal user is redirected to the logon page <i>in the content area</i>. The masthead and TLN are still there. So when the user re-logs on, the portal is opened <i>again</i> in the content area. So, the user has two mastheads and two TLNs.

I was thinking about maybe forcing the browser to close, but I can't get window.close to work in javascript. (Or even top.window.close). My JS book says that this will not work if the browser was not <i>opened</i> with javascript.


is there a way to force the browser to refresh? Call to the API for F5?


apply the response.redirect to the entire portal/broser, not just my iview?

Any other suggestions?