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May 14, 2011 at 09:20 PM

Requested delivery date after factory calendar US


Hi Gurus,

We are trying to set up CRM Sales scenarios in CRM 7.0 backend. We set up customers, material, transaction type configuration, and even removed 'requested delivery date' from the date profile of both header and item level configuration for the sales order type we created. However, right after we entered the material and quantity, system gives this error: "Requested delivery date after factory calendar US". We checked the factory calendar, and found out that the default system holiday/factory calendar are both valid till 2010 only. If I create a order today, the requested delivery date will default to today: May 14, 2011, which is apparently after the factory calendar expiry date.

So here are my questions:

1. Since I have already moved the 'requested delivery date' from my date profile of both header and item level, which does the system still give me this error?

2. How can I extend the factory calendar in the system? Its default value is 1996-2010. I checked a few SAP notes, which suggested the ways to create new factory calendar that extends validity period. But that wont help, as you have to create a new factory calendar in the system, but system only checks the old one with calendar code 'CA'.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks all!