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May 14, 2011 at 11:14 AM

Export Shipment Cost Document / Service Agent


Dear Gurus,

My client having Exports, Client is sending goods from shipping Point to Port through Truck, its a direct leg. forwarding agent is one from shipping point to port, but another agent is responsible for the "Clearing and Forwarding agent" activities.

In my shipment document on upper side i put the forwarding agent who is responsible from shipping point to port, and by default there is only one field of forwarding agent.

But I have two item category so that can call two procedure in the cost document, one is for cost of truck and second is for clearing cost.

I can successfully call two line items in the shipment cost with two different procedure, but forwarding agent is one. when i double click on the first line and change the "Invoicing Party" system can accept this but still forwarding agent at header is not change. Means when put the check of transfer and save the document both cost hit the same vendor appear on the shipment document,

I want that shipment cost to be hit to both first line cost to the main agent (truck), and second line cost is to the "clearing agent" which i put on the shipment cost against the "invoicing party field".

Hope gurus understand the scenario nad assist me.