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May 14, 2011 at 05:02 AM

Reversal of 122 which will be posted through usage decision


Hi expert

i have done mistakenly Usage decision of Semi finished product against order and post stock 122 (return to vendor) through usage decision. Now i want to reverse document 123( reversal of return to vendor) but when i am going to reverse the document a message will be appear

Material document cannot be processed

Message no. M7130


This material document was generated through the posting of a physical inventory document, a delivery via Shipping, or some other automatic movement (such as an order confirmation in PP or a usage decision in QM) and cannot be processed with this function.

System Response

In this transaction, the system can only cancel a material document if the latter was created using an Inventory Management transaction.


Cancel the material document in the component that created the document.

You can only reverse the goods movement created through the posting of a physical inventory document by carrying out a new physical inventory for the relevant material. You can reverse a delivery effected via Shipping using transaction VL09.


Priya Sharma