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Accessing data from other SAP system

Hi experts

I need to access data from one SAP system from other. My requirement is , perform applications (programs) in some SAP system, but using/accessing data from other SAP system .

For example, when we press F4 we get the match code (search help) for the field ; that window is alredy created by SAP and it shows the data for that field . Of course the application (ike any other program/application) read the data from the SAP system is being executing ; well i need execute that match code but show (taking) the data from other SAP system; i not refer to other MANDT in same system but other SAP system.

The communication between SAP1 system and SAP2 system is already created from BASIS.

My doubt is how can i execute that standard application (search help) but 'invoke' to standard application this take data from other system ?

I guess i can create Z search help wich call a Z Function (RFC) to get the data required from the other system ;

or maybe enhance the standar search help to call that Z RFC ; but standard application search help is already created and this access the data in several ways or places of code , and this has severals sub-windows and search features ; and i just need execute exactly same search help but accesing data from the other SAP system ; so my doubt is, is there some way to indicate to SAP the applications always (wherever) these applications acces the data do it but from other SAP system,

like if we 'redirect' the Data Base to other SAP system.

SAP1 applications are being executing -

> but all data (records) are taking from SAP2

Maybe the first suggestion is simply why do not we execute applications in SAP2 instead SAP1 , that's because the version package in SAP2 system (where we have the data) does not support some (non SAP) applications we need to use.

Excuse the long thread. Does somebody can help, any idea ?

Best Regards


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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    May 17, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    Hi Frank,

    Below are my thoughts, these are only conceptual and haven't had an opportunity to try these possibilities, also not sure if this is the right thing.

    1) Create an entry in DBCON using TCode: DBCO for the Database of system SAP2. Now in the application of SAP1 use the "SET CONNECTION" construct as the very first statement, so that consecutive SQL statements will point at the DB of SAP2.

    2) I have read somewhere that the Work Processes are connected to the Default database and i am not sure if you can change this setting, but if you can and provided you have have multiple application servers in your SAP1 landscape, then pick one of the application servers and change the settings on the WP to point at the DB of SAP2, you have the end users login to this particualr app server.

    3) If there are multiple app servers in SAP1 landscape, then choose one of the app servers and change the default database setting to point at DB of SAP2.



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    • Frank Henrdz Sharath Yaralkattimath

      We finally needed to separate the solutions , the standard SAP solutions were implemented in the SAP system where data resides and the non standadard applications (wich webdynpros uses) were implemented in the other SAP system wich supports the non SAP technology , and in this system we access the data from the other SAP system using RFCs  , and more recently using Proxys.    Regards.

  • May 16, 2011 at 03:12 PM

    Any idea please for this 'strange' requirement ?

    Is there any way to execute applications in some SAP system but taking data from other SAP system ?

    Best Regards


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    • Former Member

      Hi Frank,

      In your case if it is only for the F4 help. Go for the Z Search help and the Exit for the Z search help which is an RFC FM.

      In other cases like data migration or data build. Use to transfer all the data into a common Application server File path frp, SAP2.

      Since we did got the same requirement for data migration we did this. We just go to the system SAP2 and select the data as required from the RFC FM input and transfer all the data to an common Application server file which you can acess from SAP1 also. And then read data from another system SAP1from the application server file with read DSN and use the data as required. You can check the common file path in AL11 transaction.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks & Regards,