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May 13, 2011 at 06:13 AM

Character mode or byte mode error.


Hi Experts,

In my smartforms I wanted to read the long text as well as short text from tcode Qs41. So i used Read_text fm to get my job done. In the header section of the long text the text name was concatenated as client, catalog, codegruppe,language. So i merged this all objects using concatenate statement as per my requirement...Problem occured when a particular long text maintained had a text name not merged i mean client,catalog,codegruppe where merged but there was a gap in between codegrp and language.I found that it was because codegruppe has length 8 and the name of the codegruppe was less than that.

To rectify that i used 'respecting blanks' statement in concatenate but it is showing error character mode or byte mode.

Any help would be appreciated....