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May 13, 2011 at 03:26 AM

Installing Additional Usage Type BI in NTW 7.01 AS JAVA


Hi Experts,

We are about to install additional Usage Type BI on our Portal SP 08 (AS JAVA + EP + EP CORE). The required packages were downloaded as indicated in Installation Guide and placed in EPS/in directory. However the following message is displayed once the option "Install Additional Usage Type" is selected in JSPM:

"No applicable support package stacks found for deployment....."

In the other hand, packages are available in "New Software Components" option. Are we missing something here or should we use option New Software Components to install this new Usage Type BI? We have decided not to go ahead with this option till we have some clarifications on this since the installation guide clearly indicates to use :"nstall Additional Usage Type" option.

Please let me know how should we proceed in order to complete this process.

Thanks and regards