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May 13, 2011 at 03:24 AM

Automatic Partner Confirmation in Call List Management


Hi guys,

There are two possible ways to deal with Call Lists and the confirmation of accounts that are in this Call List. One is that after selecting the account and ending the call, the account will be removed from the call list. The other is, that the account will not be removed, this is done by call list profile NO_AUTO_PARTNER_CONFIRMATION.

We are using profile NO_AUTO_PARTNER_CONFIRMATION now because it can happen that an employee selects an account from the call list without calling at all. The problem is that even those accounts stay in the list that have been completed, Interaction Record for their planned call gets status completed. This way it is impossible to get an overview of the real status of the call list.

We are looking for a solution to remove the account from the call list once the status is complete.

Looking forward to any hints and help


Nicole Lange