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May 12, 2011 at 02:26 PM

Elimination of Divested Company


Dear Experts,

I have a situation where Company has already been divested in Period 12/2011. Before it being carried forward to period 1/2012, the user have performed all the necessary CG change in period 13/2011 & 14/2011. The balance of the company has shown a zero balance after the CG change and this can be confimed by checking the list of total records using reporting logic standard.

In order not to avoid any issue with the system/reporting, we have leave the Company A in the cons group but has indicated that the company has divested in period 12/2011 in the cons group master data

Next, when the user performed the IU elimination in period 1/2012, they noticed in the IU elimination log, system is still posting the elimination between Company A & others. It looks like 'as if' the company is still in the Group. However, when they checked the list of total records using standard reporting logic, there was no balance at all.

When the user checked the reporting logic none, they realized that the elimination entry that was shown as posted in the elimination log was indeed get posted to reporting logic 'none'. Now they realized that the system are eliminating based on value in reporting logic 'none'. The reporting logic 'none' are still showing some balance (not zero).

This has become an issue for them since the elimination log is showing unwanted transactions.

My question:

1. How do we zerorize the balance in reporting logic 'none' - think that this will avoid any elimination between Company A & other if company A has zero balance in reporting logic 'none'?

2. How can we avoid the system to eliminate Company A in period 1/2012 - if we do not manage to zerorize Company A in reporting logic 'none'?

3. How do we differenciate elimination log between transaction posted to reporting logic 'none' and 'standard'?

Note that our elimination method is using transaction currency and based on YTD.

I really appreciate your input on this matter.