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Nov 11, 2004 at 09:21 PM

Extended memory problem...



It 4.6C/AIX/Oracle.

I am having problem with our extended memory.

On one of our App. Server, When I go to ST02, HitRatio column for Extended Memory line is 95% and it is displayed in red color. The Max.Use and In Memory column are almost equal. It looks to me that it is using all of the extended memory. It happens all the time on this server. Rest of the server are OK.

I double click the Extended Memory line and choose current parameters button. Some parameters are as follows -

em/initial_size_MB 2000 MB

em/blocksize_KB 1024 kB

em/address_space_MB 512 MB

ztta/roll_extension 360000000 Byte

abap/heap_area_dia 900000000 Byte

abap/heap_area_nondia 900000000 Byte

abap/heap_area_total 2000000000 Byte

abap/heaplimit 20000000 Byte

abap/use_paging 0

I want to increase the extended memory. Which parameter needs to be increased and what should I consider before increasing it.

I need your help. It is causing lot of issues. If there is any note on this then please let me knwo.

I will aprreciate your help.