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Former Member
Nov 11, 2004 at 08:22 PM

More questions about DI Server


Now we finally got the link to the DI Server help file, for which I am most grateful.

However, the help file raises as many questions as it answers. I am somewhat familiar with the basics of creating and consuming web services. Still, after reading through the help file, I can't quite figure out the details of how to actually call the services provided by the DI Server.

For instance, I would like to make calls to the DI Server with a tool like wfetch or web services studio, but I have no idea which IP port and path the DI Server listens to (80?), if this could be configured or not etc. etc.

I guess the sample VB project WSClient.vbproj - which was mentioned in the help file - would reveal the necessary details, but unfortunately it didn't follow with the installation files.

Is there anybody out there actually already using the DI Server who could help us mortals with some implementation details ?

Best Regards,

Henry Nordstrom