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May 12, 2011 at 12:05 PM

Updating Service Condition Record from PO


Deal all,

I am facing a great difficulty in updating the Service Condition Record (ML35 - With Plant & Vendor) via PO. I have done the following settings but still when the PRS condition price is changed in PO or Quotation, the price in Service condition Record is not updated, hence when creating new PO, OLD price from the service condition record is always recalled.

  • The default check for Update Info Record in PO is activated in customizing.

  • PRS condition is at the top in Service Schema MS0000.

  • In PRS - Value (c) has been assigned - Manual Entry has the priority.

  • Exclusion X is checked both in PRS and in Service Condition Record.

  • I have tried updating Condition (button in service PO) with all possible entries but the service condition is not updated.

But still the desired result is not accomplished. What i want is, Service Condition Record (ML35 -display) has the price suppose EUR 160, when creating service PO, this price is automatically proposed. Say this is changed from EUR 160 to EUR 190, the latest price should be updated (via update condition check in PO) in the service condition record.

Please help.


Ahmad Farhan Khalid