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May 12, 2011 at 09:47 AM

Web Service Help


Hello ,

This is my first attempt in web services so i'm a bit confused.

The scenario is : Sap --> XI --> Web Service --> Responce --> XI --> SAP

From within R/3, a program calls a proxy that creates an xml file containing simply a date.

Then XI must 'POST' this xml to the webservice '' and the web service will respond with the data needed for this date.The the responce must be posted back into R/3.

I'm trying to do that without using BPM.

I'm only given a dtd file that i have created as an external definitiion and using it both for request and responce in a synchronous message and url to access the WS.

How i must setup this in Directory ?

I have made a setup using the receiver soap adapter but i thing this is not working.

Can somebody please help me ?

Thanks !