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May 12, 2011 at 06:59 AM

Supress screen if multiple conditions are valid for contract and inforecord


Hello All,

I've BDC and LSMW for PurchasingContract and Info record. In both situations there are multiple scenarios where multiple conditions are valid. If multiple conditions are valid, then system throws a pop-up giving us to choose one condition among them. Then only let us proceed in the transaction.

When Iu2019m migrating contracts and conditions then due to this pop-up my session is ending with error saying "No batch input data for screen SAPLMEKO 0501". I clearly understand the purpose and the reason of this pop-up. But want to suppress this for the moment and then again will make the configuration changes to get back into the role.

I've searched for OSS and found some really close ones but they are already implemented in our system. Which makes me feel that there should be some way to suppress this pop-up from somewhere in the config?!?

FYI- OSS are 1495009(already implemented) and 142061(Not relevant to our system)



EDIT: Hi Again 😊

Luckily, earlier we were able to migrate and cop up with this pop-up because # of the records were few.

Now we got huge amount of data, and no foreground processing is possible.

Any pointers how to get rid of that pop-up if multiple condition are valid?