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May 12, 2011 at 03:15 AM

B2B problems


Hello, every one, I have made a B2B scenario: RFC(From SAP) -> PI -> File(External Partner) as followings:

IR contents:

sender : data type, message type, message interface -- Z_MATERIAL_OUT (A RFM in SAP)

receiver: data type -- dt_file

message type -- mt_file (reference dt_file)

message interface -- mi_file (reference mt_file)

message mapping : mm_zmaterial_out2mt_file

interface mapping : im_zmaterial_out2mi_file

action : send -- exterial, outbound interface: z_material_out

receive -- exterial, inbound interface: mi_file

integration scenario: name: RFC2FILE

component a -- template, with action 'send'

component b -- template,with action 'receive', with 'External Partner with B2B Communication' checked

connection between 'send' and 'receive' : asynchronous

ID contents:

party: a_company -- agency: 016 schema: 0019 name: 000000001 (arbitrary)

business service: a_company_bs -- outbound interface: z_material_out

party: b_company -- agency: 016 schema: 0019 name: 000000002 (arbitrary)

business service: b_company_bs -- inbound interface: mi_file

communication channel: cc_file_in

Service Without Party: business system -- bs_sap, with communication channel: cc_rfc_out

now, Transfer Integration Scenario from Integration Repository: RFC2FILE (IR) -> RFC2FILE_ACOMPANY (ID)

assign service: component a -- service: bs_sap (On the Business System Services for A2A tab page )

party: a_company service: a_company_bs service: bs_sap (On the Business Services for B2B tab page)

component b -- party: b_company service: b_company_bs (On the Business Services for B2B tab page)

configure the connections: assign cc_rfc_out to sender, assign cc_file_in to receiver

generate the configuration objects. (generation with no errors)

now, I make a test: call the rfc 'z_material_out' at sender side (SAP system), there is no file in the destionation folder.

I add an aditional sender agreement: sender -- service: bs_sap interface: z_material_out

with 'Sender uses Virtual Receiver' checked

receiver -- party: b_company service: b_company_bs

communication channel: cc_file_in

now, I make a test again: call the rfc 'z_material_out' at sender side (SAP system), there is a file in the destionation folder.

My questions:

1. Is it a B2B scenario as I described above?

2. Why the first test is not sucessful? and the second sender agreement must be added

3. Can any one make a typical B2B demo between two companies step-by-step like descriping above, pls? Because some concepts confused me. Thank you very very much, and please forgive me -- a beginer of PI.

Your effort will be appreciated.

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