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May 11, 2011 at 10:45 PM

Invoice Receipt - unexpected event


Hello experts,

EM in the procurement visibility standard process has defined three unexpected events:

- Delivery date change.

- Delivery Quantity change.

- Delivery date and Quantity change.

We want to define an unexpected event for Invoice receipt when we have modifications in Quantity or Value, to make this we estimate the followings steps:

I. SPRO -> Event Management -> Event handlers and Event Handler Data -> Codes -> Event Codes -> Define internal event codes and internal event code groups.

In this activity we define the event code -> Example: CHANGE_INVOICE.

II. SPRO -> Event Management -> Event handlers and Event Handler Data -> Event handlers -> Define Event Handlers types.

In this activity assign the internal event code created previously as unexpected event.

III. SPRO -> Event Management -> Solutions and scenarios -> Assign profiles and internal event codes

We assign to the scenario (in this case procurement scenario) the internal event code and the profile.

IV. SPRO -> Event Management -> General setting in SAP Event Management -> Functions, Conditions and activities in SAP Event Management -> Define Activities for SAP Event Management.

This IMG activity it´s the more important of all, because here we define:

- Define Multitask Rule activities -> Here we will define the task sequence and use the activity COMPARE where we compare the fields in question.

Could happen in this process that will be necessary define a new EE Monitor activity function or a new EE Monitor activity method, in this case ¿Do we require ABAP to develop a new activity function or method?

We appreciate a lot your revisions of this propose, do we forget any step? What observations do you have from this???

In the following link i send the attachement of this question.

Thanks a lot and best regards,


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