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Former Member
May 11, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Alternative to Dimension Formulas?


We are on BPC 7.5 MS SQL server 2005

We implemented about 30 Account Dimension Formulas (accross multiple appsets) for various KPI's. The first 10 everything seemd fine, but with all 30, our Dev. environment slows down to a unusable state. Only restarting SQL Server fixes it (temporarily), we have to restart SQL server every couple hours...

So we are back to using either Excel formulas (no good for many types of expandable reports) or running data packages (extra unnecessary steps for users) or using VBA to insert the formulas after the report refreshes (the script covers many situations, but not multi-stage expansions, or adhoc queries).

So how do people get around using the Dimension Formulas? Something as simple as averageing or dividing 2 accounts (we dont have anything too crazy) shouldn't bring BPC to its knees!

Any suggestions?