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Former Member
May 11, 2011 at 06:42 PM

Service Desk - Send email when ticket status is changed


Hi everyone,

In Service Desk Iu2019m trying to get an automated email sent out when the issueu2019s u201CStatusu201D changes.

The problem I have is that I want the email to only be generated if the status value has CHANGED (for example u2013 from u201CNewu201D to u201CIn Processu201D).

We've only gotten it up to this point (following a tutorial I found online).

When a user hits u201CSaveu201D it checks if the ticket status equals a particular value that I specify (for example: u201CIn Processu201D).

So if the ticket status = u201CIn Processu201D an email is sent.

Here lies the problem.

As long as the ticket status is u201CIn Processu201D, even if no changes are made but the user hits u201CSaveu201D, Service Desk will send the email.

I want to set it up so that Service Desk only sends the email if it detects the CHANGE from u201CNewu201D to u201CIn Processu201D.

Is that possible?