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May 11, 2011 at 05:46 PM

long running cbs build


hi SDNer,

my environment is CE7.2 SP2.

nwdi is configured using wizard, the track is created via template.

initially the bpm dc is not able to be built on server side. i applied notes 1412368.

after that, it still can not be built , it throws outofmemory error.

i changed some properties of the CBS service.


> -Xmx3000M

seems no effect. do I have to restart the server?

for one activity, there was only one bpm dc, i force the activation even the build with error, luckily, this activity got activated, although it took 24 hours for the build.

now i have another activity which contains 7 bpm dc, i force the activation again, the building process has been running for almost 48 hours, still no result.

what could be the reason?

any notes should i apply for bpm dc in nwdi scenario?

Best regards,