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May 11, 2011 at 05:08 PM

Oracle Issue


Hi All,

We are planning for migration from Solaris to Window 2008. As part of migration, I am planning to upgrade my database from oracle to oracle (as oracle is not supported on window).

For this I have planned to install oracle on target database and then do the import of source database (oracle release). As far as I am concerned this scenario should be possible.

But when I see SAP note 1478060, it mentioned as below:

III New Installation / System Copy for SAP Systems Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.<x>:

1 General

Use the installation guide for the SAP system that you want to install. Currently, the source database must have the same release number as the target database (11.2.0).

Does it means that for oracle 11.2.0, in system copy/migration, database source and target release should be same i.e. 11.2.0 only ? Please suggest.