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May 11, 2011 at 04:52 PM

Updating printer device attributes using RFC


Hello all,

I'm a new entrant to the SAP world and still finding my feet. I think the term newbie can be applied freely.

My pilot involves using the NW RFC libraries to update printer attributes. So far I think RSPO_ functions seem to be the appropriate choice for dealing with printing. I can get the list of printers by using either ADS_GET_PRINTER_LIST or RSPO_ADM_DEVICES_GET. They both seem to return the same data, though the ADS version has far more detail. I've discovered these APIs mainly by trial/error and searching the forums/google/...

However I cannot seem to find the functions for updating the attributes.

RSPO_DEVICE_UPDATE and RSPO_ADM_DEVICE_UPDATE looked promising, but they cannot be called remotely.

My questions/doubts:

1. Is what I'm trying to do possible and supported?

2. Are RSPO_ family the correct functions for dealing with device updates, or is there another set of functions?

3. If the DEVICE_UPDATE is indeed the correct function, what are the workarounds for accessing it remotely; so far I can think of using a think ABAP wrapper which is exposed remotely, using the web services SOAP call.

I've been trying to find the canonical reference documentation for dealing with printers at an API level, but with no success. Any pointers to docs/references would be much appreciated!

I understand these are very entry level questions, and do beg everyones' pardon.