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May 11, 2011 at 03:34 PM

Copy / Paste as new Formula


I'm new to CR but I've been programming for about 10+ years and have been working in VS2010 with VB.NET and C# for the past year. Prior to that I've developed with Visual Studio since version 4.2.

I've been tasked with a relatively mundane job to create a new row of formulas in several reports.

So, I have a row with over a dozen formulas that need to be replicated and slightly changed. I thought that if I simply selected, copied and pasted the formula objects it would paste and create new "copies" of the original formulas. Instead I find it creates a copy of the same formula or rather I should say it creates a "Link" to the original formula. Now this may be all well and good for some situations but this has been an infuriating thorn in my side to make the changes to these reports. I expected to scp (select, copy & paste) the objects and just change the new copies like I would have done in any other visual IDE.

I am hoping that someone in the community knows a special "key trick" that will allow me to do this. Kinda like the "key trick" I discovered for Format Painter. The "trick" being that if you want to "paint" more than one object with a selected format you can hold the ALT key down.

In any event, I really hope someone knows a trick for the SCP because I'm going to go nuts with one of the reports where I'll have to create 352 new formulas.

Thanks in advance,