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May 11, 2011 at 03:36 PM

Use Crystal to generate a list/count of Crystal Reports by folder on BOE


We use BOE XI R2 SP5 and have rolled out a good number of Crystal Reports in various folders on the server organized by client. We do not have the SDK.

Now my manager would like us to be able to write a new Crystal Report that will give us a listing of the folders on BOE and a list/count of the Crystal Reports in each folder. (We have had some luck writing Crystal Reports usage reports using an ODBC configured against the Auditing database.)

I see that I might be able to do some folder/report counts by using the Query Builder in the admin interface, but what we really want to do is write a Crystal Report against the Query Builder's database (CI_INFOOBJECTS?) so that we can add some formatting, do filtering, use parameters, combine with other data, etc. -- all the stuff we leverage Crystal Reports to do.

For those of us without the SDK, is there a way to write a Crystal Report against the data the Query Builder uses?

Thanks in advance!

Brad in Raleigh