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May 11, 2011 at 02:32 PM

CR2008 SP3 - Date fields are mapped as a string length 10


Sorry for the really poor English.

I created a new connection to a database in SQL Express 2008 with:


Microsoft OLEDB Provider for SQL Server.

And here I see the problem.

The fields in the database are of type Date (not DateTime), Crystal map them to me as a String of 10.


How do I make that Date fields are mapped as Date (only date)?

If, while creating the connection, rather than choose "Microsoft OLEDB Provider for SQL Server" choose "SQL Server Native Client 10.0", Crystal map fields as datas and if I go to format the field treats him as a date.

I've always used "Microsoft OLEDB Provider for SQL Server." It is fair to use this, or is more correct to use "SQL Server Native Client 10.0"?

Thanks in advance to all those who will help me.