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May 11, 2011 at 12:16 PM

Newbie Q about Crystal Runtime and VS 2010--multiple data sources & pdf-ing



I am working on my first VS2010 application that uses a Crystal Report. In playing w/ sample code, I got a report to show up in the report viewer control.

However, I am really looking for the report to not show up in a viewer at all and just go straight to .pdf and then have the PDF show up on screen. Is this possible? Would anyone care to share a code snippet? I did find code samples to export to .pdf, just not ones that do it without the viewer.

Also, right now, in my testing, I am getting the report to show up in a viewer. However, I am not passing data source info to the report; just using the info in the report itself. I have multiple XML files for the main report and subs (one for the main and one for each of 3 subs). As the path of these xml files will change, how do I tell the report to use one.xml for the main, two.xml for sub 1 and three.xml for sub report 2?