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May 11, 2011 at 11:36 AM

Script:How to access Master Agreement collaborators



I am trying to catch 1st collaborator name from "master agreement collaborator list" using Java Beanshell. I am using the below mentioned code:

agreementBean = doc.getRootParentIBean();

contractHome=IBeanHomeLocator.lookup(session,ContractIBeanHomeIfc.sHOME_NAME); // get hold of current master agmt

CollaboratorCollection = agreementBean.getCollaborators(); // to get all collaborators assigned to a master agreement

collectionsize = CollaboratorCollection.size();

if(collectionsize >0){

Collectionbean= CollaboratorCollection.get(0) // Set pointer to 1st collaborator

DisplayName= Collectionbean.getDisplayName(); // Get name of 1st collaborator

I am facing error with DisplayName. is "getDIsplayName" the correct method to fetch name of the first collaborator? Where can I get list of methods for collaborator variable?


Mudit Saini